Infugix - Website Development
Infugix - Static Website Development

Static Website

Here at Infugix, we can help you establish your web presence through a well planned and well executed static website. Our website development services are at par with the best in the industry. We incorporate ease of navigation and provide a user friendly interface for the website.

Infugix - Dynamic Website Development

Dynamic Website

A dynamic website is one that changes or customizes itself frequently and automatically, based on certain criteria. At a basic level, a dynamic website can give the website owner the ability to simply update and add new content to the site.

Infugix - Ecommerce Portal

E-Commerce Portal

While designing an e-commerce portal, we keep in mind that the the primary goals are to help the customers find the right product and to attract them to the portal. These are the most important aspects of an e-commerce portal.

Infugix - Web Application Development

Web Apps

At Infugix, we employ the latest techniques and tools for developing Custom apps for websites, Facebook Apps and Desktop Apps. We believe in providing our clients with exceptional and quality applications that serve their business needs.